Top 5 Reasons Why Your House Party Sucks

Five easy ways to ruin your next house party.

Do your house parties suck? Well, if you have to ask, there’s a good chance that they do! But don’t fret! We’re here to help. Our AUXGOD team got together and came up with a list of 5 reasons why your house party sucks (and what you can do to fix it)!

In this blog, we’ll introduce the most common mistakes new house party hosts make that ruin the shindig experience for everyone involved. We’ll also give you some quick tips and tactics for avoiding these mistakes and ensuring your next party is an excellent one!

Whether you’re a recent party host who’s recovering after their event went south, a future first-time host hoping to throw the perfect party, or just an interested reader, this AUXGOD blog is for you! 

1) It’s Too Quiet

Don't get us wrong... we love our peace and quiet. But there's a time and place for silence, and your house party isn't one of them. It’s nearly impossible to create a genuine house party vibe when your guests are standing around in silence. In other words, if you can eavesdrop on the conversation happening in the kitchen while standing in the backyard, something's seriously wrong! 

Having music at your party is about more than just creating some background noise. Picking the right playlist that your guests can vibe with will get people on their feet, excited, and in the partying mood!

Too busy to make your own party playlist? We’ve got you covered! Check out our blog page and sort by the “AUXGOD Playlist” tag to access our AUXGOD custom music playlists – they’re free!

2) You Set Bad Expectations

Did you promise your friends the "house party of the century" and it turned out to be a 3-guest gettogether? Or did you do the opposite and invite your friends for an intimate dinner only for it to end up turning into an impromptu block party? Either way, you're not living this down for a while, and it's all because you didn't set the right expectations!

Throwing any house party is all about setting the right expectations with your guests and creating a plan to match. When you send out your party invitations, you should be clear and upfront about the type of shindig you want to throw – your guests should know exactly what to expect. For example, if you want to throw a rager party with lots of drinks, you need to be clear that your friends’ kids aren’t welcome. Although this may seem a bit harsh at first, it’s a necessary evil – the last thing you want at your shindig is a toddler finding their way to that delicious spiked punch bowl!

3) Your Food is Awful

Your party’s off to a great start. The drinks are flowing and the music is playing, but there’s a problem: Your guests are getting hungry. Your solution? An abysmal food platter consisting of raw broccoli, ranch dressing, and pickles. Yep, this party sucks. You don’t need $300 wagyu steak and caviar at your shindig, but baby carrots are for kids’ birthday parties, and don’t try to tell us otherwise!

Having the right food at your house party is just as crucial as having a killer theme and engaging entertainment. You can do everything right as a party host. But if the food is awful, the shindig deteriorates automatically.

Having food at your house party is about more than just giving your friends something to eat at your event. Snacks are also an excellent social aid and a chance for you to show off your personality and some of your favorite recipes! The type of food you offer will depend on the kind of party you plan on throwing – the menu at a close-knit dinner party will be much different than one at a NYE rager. 

Planning food for your party may seem overwhelming. Luckily, our team of party enthusiasts wrote an entire AUXGOD blog to help you make a killer menu! Click here to read our Ultimate House Party Food Guide now!

4) Your Friends are Hammered By 9PM

Drinks are a staple at any house party. They’re a great social aid and help people get out of their shells, especially if they’re at a party with strangers. We even wrote an AUXGOD blog all about our picks for the Top 5 Party Drink Recipes, so click the link to read it now!

But when it comes to alcohol, there is such a thing as too much, too soon. If you don’t manage your guests’ drink intakes carefully, they’ll be blacked out drunk before the party can even get started. Next thing you know, instead of having fun, you’re babysitting your inebriated friends and wondering how in the world your buddy managed to get on the roof of your house.

If you want to avoid a house party catastrophe, having drinks at your house party requires balancing the buzz. Ideally, you want people buzzed just enough to have fun, but not so much that they’re in another dimension and can’t remember their names.

The best way to manage alcohol at your party is to offer lots of food and entertainment so that your guests have other things to do than just drink. Anything from creating a buffet snack bar so your guests can get more food throughout the night to creating a dancefloor for your friends to move around will help you keep your party fun and under control!

5) You Don’t Have AUXGOD

Entertainment is the heart of your party. There’s nothing worse than having your guests just sit around with nothing to do. If you want to avoid a house party crisis, you need to have some party games! 

Of course, there are the old boring party game staples like beer pong, truth or dare, and pin the tail on the donkey. But unless you’re in a fraternity, an edgy middle schooler (“rawr xd uwu”), or at a kids’ birthday party, these games are unlikely to make a good impression. If you’re looking for a party game that your friends will be talking about for all the right reasons, you’re looking for AUXGOD!

There are countless ways to entertain your guests at a party. But nothing can beat an AUXGOD showdown. AUXGOD is the new music card game that combines improv, trivia, and karaoke into the hottest party game of the season. Teams face off to pick the best songs and decide who has the best music taste once and for all! If you want to make some new memories with friends and family, there’s no better way than with AUXGOD. Whether you’re a Soca & Dancehall lover or Hip Hop & RnB addict, we have the game for you. Click here to visit our shop and get AUXGOD now!

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