How to Avoid the Party Host’s Dilemma

Tips for hosting a house party and enjoying it at the same time!

Hosting a house party is an amazing experience. You get to invite your closest friends into your home and have a celebration that everyone will remember for a long time! 

Unfortunately, hosting a party also comes with its share of responsibilities that can quickly become overwhelming. From food to refreshments, music, games, and invitations, a party host has a lot on their plate. With all of these tasks and duties that must be fulfilled for a party to run smoothly, hosting a celebration can quickly turn into a chore rather than a fun thing to do! 

In this AUXGOD blog, we’ll introduce the phenomenon of the Host’s Dilemma, and give you five strategies for overcoming it when you’re the host of a house party!

What is the Host’s Dilemma?

Simply put, the Host’s Dilemma is what happens when you, as the house party host, are so busy performing tasks and errands that you forget to have fun with your guests. While everyone is enjoying themselves, eating food, having drinks, and socializing, you’ve got your hands full performing refills, maintenance, and making sure that everyone is comfortable. Then, before you know it, the party is over and you haven’t even had a chance to sit down and enjoy the evening with your friends. Hosting a party can be exhausting and unrewarding!

For many people, the Host’s Dilemma is enough to discourage them from ever hosting an event of their own. After all, why should you go through all the trouble of throwing a house party if you won’t even get to enjoy the celebration? 

Luckily, there are a few tips and strategies you can use to minimize your responsibilities during the event and maximize the fun you can get out of it. As a host, you’ll never be completely free from chores. But the tips in this AUXGOD blog are sure to help you enjoy your party to the fullest!

5 Easy Ways to Avoid the Host’s Dilemma

Get Some Help

From getting a formal co-host for the event to simply asking your guests to bring some snacks, it never hurts to ask for help! By letting your friends assist you with some basic tasks and chores, you can diffuse some of your hosting responsibilities to others. 

Although having a co-host for your party might not sound like a significant improvement, it’s one of the best steps you can take to avoid the Host’s Dilemma! Not only does having a partner in crime to help you with your party let you accomplish more tasks in less time, but they’ll likely also give you some valuable inputs and ideas for your event. If you want to enjoy your party, the first step is getting some help.

Plan Ahead

Proper planning prevents poor performance. In other words, the better you’ve prepared for your event in advance, the more liberty you’ll have during your party. When you’re getting ready for your upcoming shindig, try to get as many tasks and chores done in advance so that you don’t have to do them during the celebration.

This includes everything from making food in advance and organizing your guest list to stocking up on cleaning supplies for the next day. Every responsibility you can get squared away before your event begins is an extra task you don’t have to worry about during your party! 

Want to learn how not to plan for a party and guarantee that you get the Host’s Dilemma? Click the link to read our AUXGOD blog: 3 Biggest Party Planning Mistakes and learn what to avoid!

Invite the Right People

The key to having a great party is inviting the right people. If you surround yourself with the right group of friends who vibe with your event’s atmosphere, having fun is effortless. With that said, everyone has a couple of friends who are buzzkills. They might be awesome people to spend time with one-on-one. But the moment they’re in a group, the entire fun dynamic goes out the window. 

Before you can avoid the Host’s Dilemma by having fun, you need to ensure that there’s fun to be had at your party. In other words, you need to invite the right guests who will make your event enjoyable with their friendly energy and enthusiasm. There’s nothing wrong with omitting a few people from your guest list whom you don’t think will fit the nature of your shindig. In fact, they’ll often be grateful for not having to attend an event that they won’t enjoy!

Keep it Simple 

As a host, you might feel like your party needs to be extravagant in order for your guests to enjoy it. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Oftentimes, the most enjoyable parties are the simplest!

People go to parties to get away from the humdrum of their daily lives and schedules. They want to unwind, relax, and have fun with their friends – not have another strict schedule to follow. Sometimes, the best way to make your party more fun while avoiding the Host’s Dilemma is to make your party as simple as possible!

For example, when it comes to food, don’t go to the trouble of making a plate of food for each guest. Instead, you can make food in bulk and create a buffet-style setup in your kitchen or dining room table, letting guests help themselves. This way, you can spend less time serving food and more time making memories with your friends!

Play Some Games

Games are the best way to entertain your guests and join in on the fun. Why are party games so effective at helping you avoid the Host’s Dilemma, you ask? Because they get everyone focused on one thing. During an event, it's not uncommon for all of your guests to be doing something slightly different. Some will be eating, some will be talking, and so on. That means you, as the host, need to take care of all these people who are all focused on different things – this is when hosting a house party gets overwhelming.

By introducing a party game and having all of your guests participate, you give them unity of purpose – a common focus – which means that you also have only one activity to focus on! In other words, playing party games makes your party fun for guests and incredibly simple for you as the host. 

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