The Introverted Party Host’s Survival Guide

5 survival tips for introverted party hosts.

You’re an introvert, but you’ve found yourself in a situation where you have to host an event. Maybe your friend is back in town for her birthday, and you’re throwing a house party in her honor. Or perhaps you just started working at a new company, and it’s customary for the rookie to host a shindig. 

Regardless of the reason for your upcoming event, the prospect of hosting a celebration brings you nothing but anxiety. You’d much rather be home alone reading a book or spending time with a few of your closest friends, not throwing a loud house party. 

Luckily, AUXGOD is here to help you throw a killer party as an introverted party host (and maybe even enjoy doing it)! In this guide, we’ll give you our top five tips for hosting a house party, even if shindigs aren’t your typical scene. Let’s get started. 

1) Invite More People

You might be wondering, “How in the world does inviting more people into my home make hosting my party any easier?!” 

While having a large guest list might seem like an introvert party host’s worst nightmare, it's a blessing in disguise! The more people you have at your event, the less often you’ll be the center of attention. Look at it this way: if you only have four or five people at your house party, you’re guaranteed to have the spotlight on you regularly. But if you invite a dozen party guests, you’ll have an easier time blending into the crowd.

In essence, the more people you have at your house party, the better they’ll be able to entertain themselves. Which gives you much more freedom to choose where you get involved in the celebration and when you sit out!

2) Get a Partner

One of the best ways to host a house party as an introvert is to get some help from a friend. When it comes to being a party host, entertaining guests is a top priority. Unfortunately, amusing your party guests usually involves getting into some protracted group conversation. This fact alone is enough to completely discourage most introverts from ever hosting a house party. 

Luckily, you can overcome this obstacle by getting help from a friend who acts as an assistant host. When choosing your partner in crime, try to pick someone who’s highly extroverted and outgoing – the more they enjoy being around others, the better. That means you can work peacefully in the background while your co-host does all of the socializing! It’s a win-win situation!

2.5) Take It a Step Further by Inviting the Right People!

In the same vein as getting an extroverted partner to help you out, you can also look at your guest list and balance your extrovert-introvert ratio! What do we mean by this, you ask? If you want to stay out of the spotlight – or avoid small-talk altogether – you need to get strategic with how you organize your guest list. 

The best way to do this is to invite an even number of extroverts to your party! That way, at the very least, each extrovert will have an equally-extroverted conversation partner, which gives you the freedom to relax by yourself or with some of your more introverted party guests!

3) Plan Your Food Strategically

If you’re an introverted party host, food is your secret weapon! Although your party menu might not seem like it makes a difference, planning your food wisely can help you control how wild and active your guests get during your event. Here are three ways you can use food to optimize your shindig as an introverted party host:

More Food = Less Talking

The more food you offer at your house party, the less loud and rambunctious your guests will be. Simply put, when people are busy eating, they’re not busy talking! The more food your guests have on their plates throughout the party, the less interested they’ll be in engaging you with small talk or drawn-out conversations! 

Sleepy Science

There’s a good chance you’ve heard about the “turkey brain” phenomenon, where people feel sleepy or dull after eating a turkey sandwich. While this sounds like a myth, there’s some biological truth to the tale.

Many protein-rich foods like turkey, chicken, and eggs contain an amino acid called tryptophan. This protein molecule has a unique effect: it makes your body produce serotonin – a hormone that’s partly responsible for making you sleepy.

In other words, serving some high-protein foods at your party will increase your party guests’ intake of tryptophan and make them more tired as a result. While they won’t fall asleep during your event, they’ll definitely be quieter and more relaxed than they were when the shindig began!

Fatty Foods Control Alcohol Absorption

Unless you’ve specified that there won’t be any alcohol at your event, offering your guests some alcoholic beverages at your party is a must. Unfortunately, alcohol can turn your relatively-quiet and peaceful gathering into a zoo in the blink of an eye! Once the drinks start flowing, even the most reserved shindigs can get out of hand fast!

If you plan to serve alcohol at your party, you should also have a plan to keep your guests from blacking out and causing mayhem in your home. One easy way to do this is to serve fatty foods like pizza, macaroni and cheese, and fried chicken at your house party. Fat slows down alcohol absorption in the stomach, meaning that your guests can have more drinks while staying relatively sober and down-to-earth! 

4) Keep Yourself Busy

In a previous AUXGOD Blog, we showed you how to avoid the party host’s dilemma and spend more time with friends at your shindig. Unfortunately, as an introverted party host, getting stuck in a group of semi-drunk party guests is probably the last thing you want to do!

If you’re an introverted party host, instead of looking for ways to have more free time during your party, find ways to stay busy instead! From preparing food to getting a head start on washing the dishes, finding ways to justify staying out of the crowd is a great method for maintaining your personal space during a house party.

5) Make Your Party Entertaining

Our last tip is none other than finding ways to entertain your guests that don’t require your direct involvement. The more you can get your friends focused on games, music, or dancing, the less actively you’ll need to amuse them. In other words, if you find a way to make your guests entertain themselves, you need to do less of the actual entertaining!

Of course, there are the old, cliché party games that everyone has played a million times before like beer pong, charades, and so on. Unfortunately, these activities are unlikely to keep your guests interested for long. Soon, they’ll be looking to you for entertainment once again, and you’ll be right back to square one. 

If you want a party game that combines music, dance, karaoke, and trivia, you need AUXGOD! It’s the new music card game that’s taken the shindig scene by storm and become the hottest party pastime of the season. In AUXGOD, teams of players face off to pick the best songs and decide who has the best music taste once and for all! 

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