Introducing the AUXGOD LEAGUE...


Look no further than the AUXGOD League, the newest sensation in the world of card games. Get ready to battle it out with other at-home players in front of a live audience, and let the music do the talking!

What is the AUXGOD League?

The AUXGOD League takes the already exciting AUXGOD card game to a whole new level. In this league, two teams go head-to-head, battling each other by playing music from their phones. It's like a musical showdown where the players' playlists become their weapons of choice.

Imagine the thrill of selecting the perfect song to counter your opponent's move. Will you go for a classic crowd-pleaser or surprise everyone with an unexpected deep cut? The choice is yours.

Why does it exist?

Over the years we've ran into plenty of people and I mean plenty of people who claim their AUXGOD knowledge is untouchable, but they've never stepped in the battle arena to defend their claim.


More details to come!

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