How to Pick a Party Theme

The Ultimate Party Theme Guide

Themes for parties can make or break the event. No party is complete without an engaging and unique theme. Your house party theme sets the tone, creates the ambiance, and provides inspiration for all the other elements of your celebration.

When it comes to picking a party theme, it is not just about choosing one or two colors to be used in decorations or food items. Ideally, the theme should run through every element of the party – from invitations to decorations, costumes, activities, food items, and music – giving your guests an experience that they will never forget!

Unfortunately, finding a party theme that engages your guests and stays within your budget is no small task! That’s why the AUXGOD team came together to create this ultimate party theme guide! Here are three expert tips for picking a killer party theme and making a celebration that all of your friends will remember for a long time.

Consider Your Guests

The best way to ensure that your shindig is a success is to pick a party theme that’s interesting and entertaining for your guests. At the end of the day, your party theme is simply a reflection of your friend group’s personalities, interests, and style. Depending on who’s coming, the theme of your party can represent a business, a hobby, or even a fashion trend! If your guests are interested in something, it’s fair game for a party theme! After all, if your friends aren’t into your party theme, your celebration won’t be very successful.

Look at your guest list and write down some shared interests and hobbies that exist within the group. Once you narrow down what your friends enjoy, you’ll have a much easier time choosing a theme that will make your party a hit! 

Do you have a bunch of friends who enjoy the same TV show? Throw a party where guests dress up as characters from the program! Are your guests music lovers? Throw a Grammy’s themed party and have your friends sing karaoke to decide the winner! Better yet, get your hands on a pack of AUXGOD music game cards and bring your celebration to life with the hottest new party game of the season!

Avoid Cliches

Parties are fun because they let people break away from their boring daily schedules and day-to-day activities. In other words, your party is only as enjoyable as it is unique. At the very least, your party guests want to have a new, memorable experience – even if they’re hanging out with their usual squad. If every house party you throw follows the same old cliches and themes, your guests won’t enjoy it. Pretty soon, your parties will seem as plain and routine as the rest of your friends’ daily schedules. That’s why you need to create a fresh party theme that your guests haven’t ever seen before!

If you’re a newbie party host, you might be surprised to find out that some party themes are shamelessly overdone. If you want to avoid the risk of coming off as unoriginal and boring your friends, avoid cliche party themes that include things such as superhero costumes, ugly sweaters, or murder mysteries. Just because these were cool party themes in 2002 doesn’t mean they’ll cut it today. Picking a cliche and overused party theme isn’t just boring, but it also shows that you didn’t consider your guests enough to tailor your party to their interests!

If you’re really out of ideas and can’t think of anything original, you can turn old cliche party themes into fun new ideas by simply inverting them. For example, instead of hosting a superhero-themed party, flip it on its head and host a super-villain party instead! Your guests will appreciate you for putting a unique twist on an overused idea.

Get Trendy

One of the best ways to come up with a party theme is to think about the year’s hottest trends. You can find dozens of great party ideas within minutes by surfing through social media sites like Pinterest, Instagram, or YouTube! Take a look at some of your favorite influencers, companies, and celebrities, and see what they’re up to. These people are masters at throwing parties and entertaining their fans; there’s no shame in borrowing some of their party theme ideas to make your own celebration a blast!

From trending news stories to popular video games, there will always be something new to use as a theme for your party. Using the trendy party theme strategy also ensures that you’ll never have a cliche or repetitive idea ever again! These days, trends come and go in a matter of weeks, so you’ll never run out of fresh fads to use as ideas for your house party! 

To create a themed party, you'll need to find a way to tie the latest trend into your event. If you’re on a tight budget, a trendy party theme is a great inexpensive party option. Since trends appear and disappear so quickly, organizing your party theme will be more about creating a vibe and less about buying lots of products or decorations! Find a popular news story, game, or idea and make it the focal point of your celebration for an easy, cheap, and exciting party theme!

Bonus Tip: When in doubt, organize some games!

If you still have no theme after hours of searching and brainstorming, focus on your party games instead. If your house party activities are entertaining enough, your guests will forget all about the lack of a theme!

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