Customer Spotlight: Nate Bennett

"AUXGOD is just as important to the culture as Spades and UNO" 

Were the words Nate Bennett used to describe his experience with the AUXGOD music battle card game. After discovering our game on Instagram, Nate became one of AUXGOD’s earliest players and instantly fell in love with the game! We had a chance to sit down with Nate last weekend, where he gave us some valuable insights into the AUXGOD game and the tactics he uses while playing!

After taking AUXGOD to a couple of his friends’ parties, Nate noticed that the game was more than just another shindig activity – it completely changed the party’s vibe! “The closer you are with your buddies, the better the vibe becomes,” mentioned Nate, “for the first few cards, people are still feeling out the room. After that, the claws come out, and the competition begins!”

The AUXGOD game offers a never-before-seen party experience. From hilarious arguments with the judges to impromptu dance battles, no event is complete without an AUXGOD game! “The competition is intense! Music is such a huge part of our identity, childhood, and how we experience the world. AUXGOD lets us play the soundtracks of our lives,” was Nate’s emphatic response when we asked what makes AUXGOD so epic.

After one AUXGOD-fueled party, Nate’s friends even wanted him to leave his deck at their place so that they could keep playing after he left. Now, Nate takes AUXGOD to all of his large gatherings. He has even played AUXGOD on video calls with his friends during the pandemic lockdowns! 

With so much playtime and game experience, Nate is something of an AUXGOD. As such, he wanted to spread some of his knowledge and tactics to help newer players win their first AUXGOD game. Here are Nate’s top 3 strategies for crushing the competition at your next party!

Don’t know the official rules? Click here to visit our rules page and learn how to play AUXGOD now!


Tactic 1: Read the Room

“If I'm playing with people I grew up with, or if I know that the judges like Beyonce, that could be the cheat code right there,” explained Nate, “when I play AUXGOD, I always like to read the room.”

You might be at a party with your friends. But when the AUXGOD game starts, you’re rivals! If you want to win, you need to know your judges’ and competitors’ music tastes. The better you understand the people you’re playing with, the more winning songs you can choose for the judges, and the better you can predict what music your rivals will choose! Learning to read the room picking your songs accordingly is the first step to becoming an AUXGOD champion.

Tactic 2: Use Nostalgia to Your Advantage

Music is more than just something we listen to. "It's the soundtrack to our lives" as Nate states. It encompasses our culture, youth, beliefs, and lifestyle! Everyone has that one song that takes them back to a time where things were simpler and carefree. Most people call it nostalgia. But to Nate, it’s an AUXGOD secret weapon!

“Starting off early on, I’ll throw the hits on and see if people respond to them well,” explained Nate, “if not, I might have to go a bit deeper into the bag and find something more unique.”

When you’re choosing a winning song for AUXGOD, Nate suggests throwing on popular songs, but not the obvious ones. That way, you get a hit that your judges recognize and vibe with, but that isn’t so overplayed that it’s annoying. If you want to beat your friends at AUXGOD, put on the throwbacks and use nostalgia to your advantage!

Tactic 3: Keep a Poker Face

Winning at AUXGOD isn’t just about picking the right songs. It’s also about convincing the judges that your tunes are better than your opponents'. For this, Nate suggests learning how to adopt an unbreakable poker face, “If I’m going second and the other team picks an epic song, I’m not gonna show it – my competitive juices are flowing.”

Becoming an AUXGOD champion and getting the bragging rights that come with it is as much tactical as it is musical. If you show the judges that the other team picked a better song, you’re throwing away a potential point! So keep your poker face locked in, and don’t let the competition see you sweat!

Bonus Tip: Make Your Own Rules!

AUXGOD has an official ruleset that you can find on our How to Play webpage. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get creative and modify the game to suit your party style and friend group. Here are just three ways that Nate and his friends have taken their AUXGOD competition to the next level:

Designated Judge Panel

According to the official rules, the judging team changes every round. But when Nate’s in the mood for some more intense competition, he and his friends pick a team to be on the judging panel for the whole game. 

This makes the AUXGOD contest much more competitive, as the two teams are now facing off 1-on-1 and challenging each other directly for victory. This is a great play style to try if you really want the competitive claws to come out at your next party! But be warned, the rivalries will get intense.

Quick-Pick Time Limit

In the mood for a fast-paced AUXGOD showdown? Nate suggests throwing on a 30 or 60-second timer and forcing the player to think on their feet, “If you don’t have your song within those 60-seconds, that’s it – you’re disqualified!” 

Using a time limit not only lets you play more rounds of AUXGOD during your party, but it also adds some extra pressure to the competition and makes it much more memorable for everyone involved!

We asked what song he would play to the card below:

Nate answered with a classic: All About the Benjamins, however states he likes to read the room. He likes to throw hits on here and there, but usually keeps it from the obvious when playing. He uses a lot of strategy to get the point.

Tournament-Style Bracket

The third way Nate and his friends put a spin on their AUXGOD games is by creating a March Madness-style tournament setup. Party guests split into multiple teams and faceoff 1-on-1 in brackets to reach the finals and claim victory once and for all! This is an excellent way to put a spin on the original AUXGOD rules if you’re at an event with too many people to create only three teams.

Ready to get started with AUXGOD and join a community of thousands of superfans like Nate? Visit our online store and pick up an AUXGOD game deck today! Currently, we offer four music genre decks: Hip-Hop & RnB, Country, Pop, and Soca & Dancehall, with many more genres getting added soon.

Dive into AUXGOD. Click here to order your deck, or visit our homepage to download 20 free cards and try out the game!

A huge thank you to Nate for taking the time to share his experience with us! If you’re an AUXGOD superfan like Nate, don’t forget to send us your epic party clips to our @auxgodgame Instagram for a chance to get featured!

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