AUXGOD Sabotage Cards

The best way to add some insult to injury at your next AUXGOD showdown!

We love our friends. They represent our hobbies, beliefs, values, and childhoods. But let’s face it: it’s also fun to mess with them! Few things are more enjoyable than playing a harmless prank on them and observing the madness unfold from a safe distance. 

At AUXGOD, we’re no strangers to the art of messing with our buddies. This is why we decided it would only be appropriate to include a sabotage feature in the AUXGOD card game!

In this blog, we’re talking all about the Sabotage Cards that you’ll find in your new AUXGOD deck! We’ll discuss what they are, how to use them, and give you a rundown of the three types of Sabotage Cards that you can expect to see when having an AUXGOD showdown! 

Attack Your Friends

Are your friends having a bit too much success in this round of AUXGOD? If you’re looking for an effortless way to throw a wrench into their gears, Sabotage Cards are the thing for you! These special cards come included standard in every AUXGOD deck, and their whole purpose is to make your opponents’ lives as difficult as possible (and even win a few points for your team in the process).

Sabotage Cards put an intense competitive spin on the AUXGOD game. But learning how to use them is a piece of cake! Before the game, simply take all of the sabotage cards, shuffle them, and distribute three to each team. During the game, your team can use as many of your Sabotage Cards as you want during a single round (even all three at once!). Just make sure that you play your Sabotage Card before the judges pick that round’s category card. Although you can use all of your Sabotage Cards at once, remember that once you use them, they’re gone forever – you can’t get them back, and you don’t get any more for the rest of the game. So use your Sabotage Cards wisely! 

That’s it – all you need to know to use Sabotage Cards in your next AUXGOD game!

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Meet Your Sabotage Cards

Unlike their AUXGOD Wild Card cousins, there are only three Sabotage Card types in the game, with multiple copies of the same Sabotage Card included. That means that your team can have three of the same Sabotage Card, or all different ones – it all depends on how the cards are shuffled. Here are the three Sabotage Cards that you can potentially encounter at your next AUXGOD showdown:

30 Seconds

The Rule: The opposing team has only 30 seconds to pick their song!

Do your opponents spend a long time debating and deliberating between songs every round? The 30 Seconds Sabotage Card is the perfect opportunity to put your rivals under pressure and take away all of that precious decision-making time! Watch your friends stress and struggle to pick a song in just 30 seconds while your team takes its sweet time to select the perfect tune.


The Rule: Select one teammate from the opposing team to play the next round alone!

If the opposing team has a player who’s notorious for their poor musical taste, the Solo Sabotage Card is your secret weapon! When you play this card, you get to choose a player from the opposing team to play the next round alone – they can’t ask questions or get any help or hints from their teammates. This gives your team the perfect opportunity to put your minds together and capture the point while your opponent struggles to pick a song!

Point Snatch

The Rule: If the using team wins this round, the point is taken from the opposing team!

Using the Point Snatch Sabotage Card is the perfect way to add some competitive insult to injury for your opponents. If your team wins a point while playing this card, you get to steal that point from the rival team! What this means is that, since you gain a point while they lose a point, it’s the same as if you won double the points – you can tie up the game even if you’re down by two rounds!

Sabotage Cards are awesome on their own. But they become epic when you play them altogether! If you want to go nuclear and demolish your rivals, play all three Sabotage Cards at the same time to gain the ultimate advantage. 

Did you know that Sabotage Cards get even better when they’re
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If you want to make some new memories with friends and family, there’s no better way than with a deck of AUXGOD cards. Whether you’re a Soca & Dancehall lover or Hip Hop & RnB addict, we have the game for you! Did we mention that every AUXGOD card is beautifully designed and reinforced with a gloss coating and linen thread to withstand even the rowdiest of celebrations? Join a growing community of passionate fans who elevated their parties with AUXGOD!

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