5 Ways to Have a Great House Party

5 Ways to Have a Great House Party

Take The Club Home: 5 Ways to Have a Great House Party


  1. Pick a theme

90s hip-hop? 80s pop? Transport your guests to a simpler time; when facemasks were for surgeons and Brooklyn didnt have organic farmersmarkets.

  1. Perfect the guest list

Options are limited these days, so make sure youre inviting the real MVPs.

  1. Create a custom playlist

Dont settle for a pre-curated Spotify playlist. Curate a personalized list of songs guaranteed to get the party started.

  1. Games. Games. Games

Get creative and introduce your guests to a new game theyve never heard of.

  1. Get people off their feet

Whether its your custom playlist or a surprise belly dancing instructor, make sure memories are being made by getting people up out of their seats. 

We get it — You went from going out every weekend to Zoom partying. But lets be honest, its getting cold out, nobodys hitting up the club any time soon, and youre looking for ways to bring the going-out vibe inside.

Introducing AUXGOD: the music-themed card game guaranteed to hype up your next house party. Think Cards Against Humanity-meets improv battle-meets dance-off. AUXGOD brings family and friends together in an epic battle of music tastes; the only card game guaranteed to get you up on your feet, dancing, and performing to win the title.

The rules are simple: split up into three teams, designate a team to start off as the judges, they're read a card out loud. For example "Play a Break-up Song". The two remaining teams must get a song ready to play that responds to that card. Team A plays their song off their phone on a speaker, them Team B gets to rebuttal. Once that's completed the judges decide the winner. But dont think its as easy as pressing the play button and letting your song speak for itself. Your team must do whatever it takes to PROVE their song is the best!

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I created AUXGOD because I was looking for a fresh way to bring my family and friends together while bonding over our love for music… and healthy competition! AUXGOD is not your average card game; it
s the first card game bringing the energy of a night out into your living room.

“Me and my friends still battle about who is the REAL AUXGOD. Great game to measure who has the best/worst music taste in your friend group.” -Tarez Marie

What makes AUXGOD so unique is that its not just hyper-competitive—its a hyper-personal test of who has the best taste in music and whos willing to put on the best performance to prove it. Ive seen people rip their shirts off, make up dance routines and sing into remotes like they're microphones. Crazy things happen when you play AUXGOD and (whether youre proud of it or not), your friends will be talking about it for a long time.


By AUXGOD creator (and professional party starter) Mike Rousseau