3 Party Games to Try at Your Next Shindig

"I'm bored..."

The two worst words a party host can hear. Your first job as a party host is to entertain your guests. And while the job description is easy to follow, the actual execution is a bit more challenging! If you want to get the most out of your next party, you need to find a way to get your guests on their feet and involved in the celebration – nothing kills a party faster than everyone sitting around, doing nothing but talking.

Games – A Party Host’s Superpower

What’s the best way to entertain your guests, you ask? With party games, of course! Playing a party game is an excellent way to get your friends moving, engaged in the celebration, and having fun! For a party game to be fun, it needs to have three crucial things: 

First, your party game must be active. If your game involves everyone sitting around, it’s no better than having no entertainment at all! Your activity doesn’t need to include any over-the-top athletics, but it should get your friends off the couch and moving. 

Second, a party game must include everyone. If you have ten guests at your party, you need to create a party game that involves everyone (or, at the very least, three-quarters of your guests). If the majority of your friends are sitting out and not participating, they’ll soon get bored and zone out. 

Finally, your party game must match your theme and audience. In other words, make sure that your guests will appreciate the nature of your game. If you have a bunch of super-energetic friends at your party, they probably won’t enjoy a slower, more nuanced game; the opposite is true for more calm and reserved party guests. Take a look at your guest list, take note of your friends’ temperaments, and pick appropriate activities to match them – your party guests will thank you!

This party-planning guide, brought to you by the AUXGOD team, covers our top three party game picks that you can include in your next shindig! It is a must-read if you want to ensure that your upcoming party will be a success. Let’s get started!

1. AUXGOD Music Card Game – The Hottest Party Game

If you’re looking for the party game to rule all party games, we have the thing for you! AUXGOD is 2022’s hottest music party game that combines improv, trivia, and karaoke into the hottest party game of the season. Teams of party guests face off to pick the best songs and decide who has the best music taste once and for all! If you want to make some epic new memories with friends and family in 2022, there’s no better way than with the AUXGOD music card game. Whether you’re a Soca & Dancehall lover, Hip Hop & RnB addict, or Country Music fan, we have the game for you! Want to learn how to play? Click here to visit our rules page!

Although we might be a bit biased towards our game, our loyal fans aren't! Look at the "word on the street" and what people are saying about AUXGOD:

word on the street

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2. Beer Pong – High School / College Party Throwback

Honestly, we think beer pong is a bit old for a party in 2022. Since the same version of this game has been around since forever, it’s an overplayed cliche at most parties. As such, we don’t suggest playing it at your next party unless your celebration is a purposeful throwback to the good old times of high school and college parties.

If you want to revive the years of your youth, beer pong can be an entertaining throwback game that gets your guests moving and reminiscing about how things were back in the day – when face masks were for surgeons and not part of a daily outfit! 

How to Play: Grab a few plastic cups and arrange them in the iconic beer pong triangle formation, fill the cups with beer (or your beverage of choice), and you’re ready to play! Players take turns attempting to throw a ping pong ball into the cups on their opponent’s side. If they’re successful, the opponent has to drink that cup of beer. Continue until one person runs out of cups to drink.

3. Charades – Old but Gold

Charades is all about silently acting out a phrase or idea so that your team can guess what it is before the other group. Despite being an old-fashioned game, it is still fun for party guests of all ages. Charades lets your friends get creative and show off their personalities while competing with other party guests. Not to mention, this is also an excellent party game if you’re on a tight budget – it doesn’t require any extra supplies or drinks, just a few friends and a good attitude!

How to Play: Players split into two equal teams. During any given round, a team chooses one of their players to be the performer. A player from the other team whispers a secret phrase, idea, movie, or song title to the performer that they must silently act out. The performer then acts out the phrase. Whichever team guesses it first wins a point!

Party games can make the difference between a dead party and a celebration to remember! Our AUXGOD music party game is beautifully designed and built to entertain, excite, and engage your party guests. It’s a surefire way to make new memories with family and friends while adding an epic party atmosphere to your next event. Ready to get started? Click here to visit our shop and order your AUXGOD deck today!

Still a little skeptical? That’s fine – we expected that. If you’re on the fence, you can visit our website’s home page and download 20 free cards to print out and try before investing in an AUXGOD card deck!

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