Game Night Just got Wild

Create memories with your friends and family


For the ones that can rap Busta Rhymes verse on "Look at Me Now"


A perfect blend. For the crew that listens to a little bit of everything


For the lasso slingin', heartbreakin' cowboys and girls

Soca & Dancehall

Where daggerin' and whinin' connect

Host the party people remember! 🎉

Check it. You’re a host or guest who wants to turn the energy up at your next party.
You don't want everyone talking amongst themselves or scrolling on their phones all night - do you?!
Nah, you’re better than that. You've been to that party before.

You need a solid game that'll bring your friends and family together to create memories.
That's how we help.

Epic Memories

WARNING! This game creates epic memories that your guests will talk about for years.


Here's where you look like a star, easily elevate your status as the ultimate party host by delivering an unforgettable and fun experience!


Get your friends and family to ditch the small talk and enjoy each other's company through competition

Press and collaborations

Nothin' Comes Close

AUXGOD is a mix of improv, trivia, karaoke and a dose of competition

Word on the Street


AUXGOD is actually such a dope game! Played this to ring in the New Year 2 years ago and we had the time of our lives. I mean what’s better than drinks, a good time with friends and a great competitive game.

J. Joseph

As soon as we pulled the 2nd card we really got the hang of it and everyone started singing and dancing, it got really competitive too! The next day I was thinking about so many songs we could have played.

S. Hayward

We bought the Pop game for our house warming party. We have a ton of jokers in our circle of friends so it got LOUD! People started to grab random items as props to enhance their performance. It’s like karaoke on steroids! Highly recommend.

S. Mathews
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